Meet Livia

“Your Story by Design” was created from a passion and belief that a well designed space can comfort and nurture, while giving us confidence and enhancing our sense of self.

Livia Drennan

I take inspiration from each client’s story… how they work, play, and what makes them happy. Creating spaces that are timeless and infused with playful elements is my passion. Each room that I design has something unexpected, either in size, colour, or placement. Beauty and elegance attract me, yet practicality is the layer behind, a layer you don’t see, but always feel. The goal is for my clients to feel at home and be happier when I finish. Only then, will my job be done!

Office, Yellow, Lamp, Oakville Interion Design, Interior DecorI earned my Diploma in Interior Design from the Interior Design Institute and I am trained as a True Colour Expert™. Usually, my colour consultations evolve into also providing design and decorating solutions. Drawing on my extensive experience as a Professional Engineer, I am creating ingenious solutions to design challenges. By carefully listening to your needs and goals, my mind constantly analyses the project, creating the best possible harmonious use of space.

My design style is based on a canvas of classical and timeless fixed elements, which I layer with colour and texture trends my clients love. I advise my clients not to be intimidated by trends; they are changing for a reason… and if used properly, they help keep our homes current and in movement.

I write blogs with the hope that people will endeavour to make their home a more beautiful place.

If you want to chat, please email me at or call me @ 905-484-0279.