Kind Words

Marie-Claude | Hiring Livia was the best decision I made while doing my reno. The Best Value by far. I first contacted Livia because of her expertise in color. Our priority was for Livia to choose a color that would make our basement cozy and warm and match our new floor, furniture, etc.. We also wanted to change the colors in all the rooms throughout the entire house. We all agree in my family that she was right on with her choices for all the rooms. Not an easy task. She delivered on color (why we hired her) but she also gave us so many practical designer tips that made a huge difference. I kept calling her back for one more hour of consultation! Livia is all about big impact – great value. The icing on the cake is her attitude. You feel you’re with a friend. She cares. It’s her passion. It really shows. I will tell everyone about Livia because I feel she made my reno a success and ….at a very affordable price. Thank you Livia and you know that I will keep calling for more great advice!

Powder Room, Wallpaper

Jordene |Livia has been instrumental in helping me to redecorate a very small and challenging main floor powder-room in my home. She expertly diagnosed the perfect colour scheme for my existing floor tiles, cabinetry and counter top – and guided me to finding a fabulous wall covering. She is patient and passionate about her work. I would highly recommend her. Her timeless taste and style was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you, Livia




Kitchen Cabinets and Colour Consultation

Alexandra | Livia has helped us in choosing kitchen cabinets and paint colours for the kitchen and family room. We were constrained by the floor tiles that contrasted with the granite countertop which we wanted to keep. We could absolutely not see how these colours could be brought together, but Livia made it work! We were skeptical and even resistant at first, but we went with her recommendations and we are now so grateful we did! Even the ugly floor titles now work with the rest of the room and do not seem such an eye-sore any more. We were then educated by Livia about the rules of picture hanging and with her help, we created eye-catching displays of art around the house. We will be definitely working with Livia again, focusing on other rooms in our house.

New Bathroom Shower

Master Bathroom Shower

Anca | Anyone who has undertaken a home renovation project has stories about problems and frustrations. In our case, Livia Drennan helped us navigate trough all interior design issues (choosing the flooring for the whole house; paint colours; kitchen design; art display; choosing the lighting; room re-design) to get the best for our house. She suggested the proper design for the counter top and backsplash that makes our kitchen looks right and fit together. Then, she gave us great advice regarding paint colours for whichwe received many compliments. She really has an expert’s touch! I would definitely ask for her help again and I would recommend her to others.

Branka | Originally, I’ve ventured into repainting the entire house and picking all the colours on my own. Soon, I felt overwhelmed with all the colour choices and my own visions for each room. Then I contacted Livia. She helped me decide on a perfect colour for each room. Livia made her suggestions and explained each of her choices. I did not feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the selections any more.
Furthermore, Livia provided her feedback on some of my furniture pieces, lighting and future living room purchases. She helped me turn my own vision into one timeless and classy, yet warm and inviting living room. I highly recommend Livia. Her sense of style is fabulous and her approach is both professional and friendly.

Claudette | Working with Livia was so amazing! My colour consultation was both informative and spot-on the colours I ended up going with, at Livia’s recommendation, were PERFECT for my space, and for the items already in my home, such as the furniture, accent pieces etc. If you are searching for someone who really knows her stuff, and is passionate about ensuring you are thrilled with the end result, you will be so satisfied!