My Take on Interior Design Trends and How to Use Them Wisely – Part 2

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Since I published Part 1 on how to better use 2017 design trends, more subscribers have joined. Thank you for joining the party, and I hope everyone finds my posts useful, and you will by inspired to make your home a more beautiful place in which you will create lasting memories.

If you read Part 1 of this group, you know that I am not big on trends. As an interior designer, I like to be up to date when it comes to trends, and one of my passions is to help you untangle the infinite information you are exposed to and show you how to wisely use the trends while maintaining a timeless style.

So let’s continue on with…

5. COLOUR. Yes, I know we already talked about white, and yes, white is a colour, but here I am talking about the changing colour trend towards more saturated hues. We see them on walls, incorporated into main pieces of furniture, and definitely used as accents.

Kelly Green and Cobalt Blue

Blue and Green by Astrid Carnin

Deep blues continue to be seen everywhere. Why not? Blue is an amazing timeless colour that can fit within a variety of trends. It looked good with the brown trend, or with grey, and now it definitely looks good coordinated with whites and other colours.

Blue Family Room

Accents et Details

I wrote a post about my favourite blue colour here, and also, I recently finished this guest bedroom:

Blue Bedroom, Livia Drennan Interior Design

Livia Drennan | Interior Design

To keep blue company, saturated greens, purple, and black appear graciously in the fashion and interior design industries… Just flip through any magazine and you will see them.

Kelly Green Judith Balis

Judith Balis Interiors

Purple and Black

Kelly Harvey Living

Green Sofa

Tineke Triggs – Artistic Design for Living

And what’s not to like about going green… 🙂 Pantone chose “Greenery” as the colour of the year! When I see Greenery, I feel the freshness of spring, and deeply breathe in new and clean beginings.

Greenery Maria Killam small dose

Maria Killam

Does this mean that you should start using these colours throughout your home, paint your walls and change your furniture to match this trend? My advice is to use the trendy colours in small doses, use them as accents and on things that are easy to change. You do want to freshen your home to make it appear more current, you want your home to be beautiful and to make you happy. So bring in the colours you love, and don’t be intimidated by trends. I like how Maria Killam used green in the example above. She designed this breakfast area in her home well before “Greenery” was the colour of the year, becasue she loved it, and it made her happy.

Yellow makes me happy, and that is why my office has yellow accents – do I care if yellow is on trend or not? Definitely not now, because now, it makes me smile every time I see it 🙂

Yellow Office, Livia Drennan Interior Design Oakville

 Livia Drennan | Interior Design

6. COLOURED BASEBOARDS and millwork. This one is easy for me, just read the post that I wrote two years ago here. It looks like the industry finally caught-up… haha. Bye bye white baseboards and crown mouldings…

Blue Crown Moulding, Livia Drennan Interior Design

Livia Drennan – Interior Design

Well… not so fast… In this bedroom blue became the neutral, as I used it for walls, crown mouldings, baseboards, and draperies. It feels as though the room embraces you and exudes calm, sophistication and elegance, all at the same time.  When it comes to coloured millwork, it all depends on the look you want to achieve.

White millwork is classic, and there are times when you want to use it; for example when you wish to highlight an undertone on a pale coloured wall:

white trim, blue walls

Dijeau Poage Construction – through Houzz

… when you want to contrast a strong colour to make it stand out even more:

White Trim, Contrast Wall

Laura U Interior Design

… or you have white walls and you want a continuous flow:

White Walls, White Trim

Kemp Hall Studio

Pay attention when choosing whites, as I have seen stark white trim clashing with soft browns. You definitely want to stay within the same undertone.

On the other hand, coloured baseboards, crown moulding and trim can also be timeless. The milwork colour can contrast with the wall, becoming an accent:

Contrasting Trim

Yellow Trim

Credit for both pictures above: Rafe Churchill Traditional Houses

… or it can be the same colour as the wall, inviting you to stay a while in a sophisticated and elegant space.

Coloured Walls and Millwork

Bernard Andre Photography – through Houzz

Didn’t realize how long this post turned out to be. That is what happens when I talk about colour, you just can’t stop me 🙂

I guess you will have to come back for the next post in the trends series, because we have much more to cover: understated luxury, patterned tile, coloured kitchen islands (who came up with that?)  and more… Hope you enjoyed this post; to receive updates, please go to “Subscribe to Blog” at the top of the page.

If you would like help balancing these trends while achieving a timeless look in your home, please contact me.

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