My Take on Interior Design Trends and How to use them Wisely – Part 1

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If you are following my blog and are familiar with my work, you know that I am not a big fan of incorporating all of the latest interior trends in my designs. Yet, I am very aware of these trends, and do use them appropriately, to help keep a timeless look current.

I am so happy with what the industry considers the latest trends and with what 2017 has in store for us, because these ones are classical elements re-invented, and so, they juxtapose well on a timeless canvas.

1. So let’s talk WHITE first. The use of white in interiors is still going strong, but NOT the white -on white -on white… that I still see occasionaly on popular social media platforms. So, how do we do white right? By introducing layers of white/ off-white, texture and also something bossy. All of these elements co-exist together for a white space to look complete. The boss commands attention, yet is elegant: like marble, (faux)fur, or glossy surfaces… or how about these stunning and powerful draperies in this luxurious bathroom?

Luxurious White Bathroom, timeless bathroom

Robyn Madeline Interiors

White fixed elements such as walls, floors or expensive fixtures are timeless. Anything else around them can be changed to keep the space current. Here is another example of white done right, a hallway designed by Timothy Whealon, one of my favourite designers. This entire house designed by him is stunning! Remove the black hardware and the lighting, and it would be so-so.

Timothy Whealon White Done Right

Timothy Whealon Interiors

2. NATURAL WOODS trend started some time ago, and it continues in 2017. I always considered natural wood and natural brown to be timeless elements. The interior design world has seen the dark, the light, and the grey/ washed wood trends, but a mid-toned brown with no undertone is always timeless. So needless to say, I like this trend!

Natural Woods Cabinet, Interior Design Trends

 Atlanta Homes Lifestyles

Media Cabinet, Natural Woods, Interior Design Trends

The House of Silver Lining

3. And let’s move to BRASS now. When brass came back several years ago, everybody was shocked due to the bad reputation that shiny cheap brass still had, and so were reluctant to use it. But make no mistake, the type of brass that is on trend now is the real deal, either in the shape of antique pieces or taking more modern designs.

Jonathan Adler Brass, Interior Design Trends

Jonathan Adler

Livia Drennan Interior Design, Brass Tray and Candle Holders

Livia Drennan | Interior Design

Interior Design Trends, Brass

Studio McGee

Just look at the pretty marble and brass knob that I used to redesign this night table in a guest bedroom. Doesn’t it look luxurious?

Livia Drennan Interior Design, Marble and Brass Knob, Night Table

Livia Drennan | Interior Design

Use brass mixed with other materials, even silver, with classical shapes and geometry, and that space will stay timeless.

4. How about WALLPAPER? Since it was re-introduced several years ago, its style has evolved into beautiful, bold, and contemporary shapes and colours, totally different than your grandmother’s floral patterns. If you are not quite convinced, try it first in a powder room.

Powder Room, Wallpaper

Barker Freenan Design

Wallpaper Powder Room

Dianne Davant and Associates

Here is a powder room designed by me, using a beautiful wallpaper by Farrow & Ball.

Livia Drennan Interior Design, Farrow and Ball Wallpaper, Powder Room

Livia Drennan | Interior Design

When I see so many beautiful designs, I ask myself: why not consider using wallpaper throughout the house, even on the ceilings?! This makes a cozy and inviting environment, while creating an elegant space. Here is a contemporary design, definitely not the florals we may have come to dislike in the past.

Wallpaper, Bold Floral

Decor Gold Designs

Wallpaper on Ceiling

Meredith Heron Design

To go this bold with wallpaper, you have to really embrace it. Like I said in my 3 Simple Rules for a Timeless Look post, if you use colours, shapes and objects that you really love, the look will be timeless for you.

Another option is to use a more timeless style of wallpaper employing a tone-on-tone design together with classical shapes:

Powder Room, Wallpaper

Peg Berens interior Design

Signing off for now, part 2 will follow soon! There, we’ll talk about dark and strong colours, understated luxury, coloured baseboards and millwork, patterned tile and more… Hope you enjoyed this post; to receive updates, please Subscribe to Blog at the top of the page.

If you would like help balancing these trends while achieving a timeless look in your home, please contact me.

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  • Gordon - Enjoyed it!
    Well explained and illustrated design concepts
    Many thanksReplyCancel

    • Livia Drennan - I am glad you enjoyed the post Gordon. I hope you will be inspired to implement some of these tips in your home. Thank you for commenting.ReplyCancel

      • Gordon - Yes, have a few questions:
        Have a business office area that requires some updates.
        Is wall paper now a preferred option over painting / wood trim additions/upgrades?
        How about any cap cost & upkeep advantages

        Perhaps a call to discuss further.
        Thank youReplyCancel

        • Livia Drennan - Interesting questions Gordon. When it comes to wallpaper vs. painting the walls, it is very much a personal preference. Wallpaper brings interest to a space and makes it more inviting, and business offices definitely can benefit form this. Another way to add interest to walls, like you suggested, is by adding architectural details, such as crown moulding and/ or wainscoting. Wallpaper comes in various qualities, so it is hard to judge which option makes more sense financially, but keeping things equal probably they do compare well. As for upkeep, good quality wallpapers are washable and have high durability. You just gave me an idea for a future blogpost, as there is so much to say about this subject. If you would like additional information, please contact me.ReplyCancel

  • Shirley Neal - Very interestingReplyCancel

    • Livia Drennan - Thank you for your comment Shirely. Glad you liked it, let me know if you have any questions.ReplyCancel

  • anca - Very helpful information! I found some excellent ideas on how to make my home more attractive. Thank you!ReplyCancel

    • Livia Drennan - I am really happy that these ideas inspire you. Thank you for your comment. Any questions? Don’t forget to ask…ReplyCancel

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