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Recently, I helped some friends that were moving into their new home, hang their impressive art collection. At first, I did not realize how intimidating it can be for some to display their own art… In their new home, with all its fresh wall colours, my friends felt somewhat overwhelmed. They had a wish list, yet sought out my opinion.

This experience inspired me to put together some tips, which I hope will make you skip for joy throughout your own home repositioning and adjusting your treasures … 🙂

When dealing with a blank canvas of bare walls crying out for our attention, the first thought for most is to fill them up.  Yet, this is not always the case, as the eyes need a place to rest while gazing across a living space.

Less Art


The most common mistake people make is hanging the art too high: Art needs to be positioned at eye level, to be part of the space, and be seen as one passes by.  I’ve hung art having the centre anywhere between 55 and 60 inches from the floor (you can go lower in your children’s rooms).

… And of course, any rule has exceptions.  If you want to enhance a high ceiling and draw your eye up, use a vertical space and hang art higher.

High Hanging Art

Jane Lockhart Interior Design

When hanging a group of pictures, or a picture gallery, think of them as one big entity, and keep the collection together by leaving 2 to 2½ inches between the pictures.

Picture Gallery

HarLoe Interiors

Position an art piece above a sofa or chair close to the furniture, as you want the two to have an integral look, otherwise the art will appear like floating in mid-air.  It is recommended a space of 7 to 9 inch between the sofa and the art, but it can vary, keeping the eye level rule in mind.

Art above chair

Sarah Richardson

Office Mirror

Livia Drennan – Happy Office

To create a big impact in a small room, go big and fill out a wall!

Large Impact Art

Architectural Digest

The next one is my favourite… too many times I saw a tiny picture centred in the middle of the sofa, and it felt so lost…

Art Hanging Advice

Small Art above Sofa

Sarah Richardson

Here are two wooden sculptures we hung on my friends’ staircase wall. Their instinct was to separate them to fill up more space until they purchase a larger piece that would be placed higher up. I advised them to keep the two pieces together to read “like one”, and also not centred, otherwise the two pieces would feel lost. Even placed together in the middle of the large wall, they would still feel lost and tiny.

Client Staircase Art

Livia Drennan

In the end, follow your heart and what feels right for you!  I have changed the art around our home more often than my husband may have liked — yet he is pleased with the changes 🙂

If you would like help arranging your art or with other decorating projects, please contact me.

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