HELP! My Bathroom is Outdated…

Timeless Bathroom

Source – House Beautiful

So many times I hear people saying that they are not happy with their outdated bathrooms. And when they finally decide to renovate, they choose finishes that would become passé again in 5 to 10 years… Why? Because we tend to shop for the latest trend in tiles and countertops… we think that if we pay the money, why not get the latest available out there?

Trendy bathroom

Source – Houzz

This is a beautiful bathroom employing some of the most contemporary trends. Nothing is wrong with going in this direction, but just keep in mind that the excessive use of grey colour and mini glass tiles will soon go out of fashion.

However, if you are thinking about renovating your bathroom in a timeless style, think white… or various off-whites. Creams and other light neutrals also pass the test of time, as I previously discussed in this post.

Fixed elements, such as wall tile, floor tile, shower surround, or even an expensive countertop need to be of classic design to last for as many trend periods you’d like. You can then refresh your timeless bathroom by bringing in up to date accessories in current colours. In addition, create harmony with the rest of your house, by accessorizing in colours used in adjoining spaces.

Classic Bathroom

Source – The Enchanted Home

Here is a picture of a feminine bathroom that can easily be transformed by repainting the cabinets and replacing the mirror and the chandelier. The most expensive elements and hardest to remove are the floor and the countertop, which pass the test of time.

Pink Feminine Bathroom

Source – Veranda

I like how the classic mosaic detail below looks like an area rug grounding the bath tub. I will definitely use this inspiration in one of my future projects!

Elegant Bathroom


In a recently completed basement bathroom project, I used a white tile, mimicking Carrera marble throughout the room. Only the shower floor is mosaic. What could be more timeless than a ‘Grecian Mosaic’ floor in the shower?

Contemporary Bathroom Large Shower

Timeless Bathroom – Livia Drennan

In keeping with the contemporary feel of the rest of the basement, I specified a dark grey contemporary floating vanity, and light blue grey for walls. When this bathroom needs updating, the vanity and the wall colour can be easily changed, as well as the accessories, without re-building the most expensive fixed elements.

Now, moving on to the powder room… A house does need a bit of whimsy and glamorous elegance as well, and where is it best to use this style if not in a powder room?

Bold Wallpaper Powder Room

Source – House Beautiful

I always suggest something out of the ordinary when it comes to a powder room. Make sure that the wall paper or the elegant vanity and lights are something you really love and could stand the test of time.

Luxurious Powder Room

Source – Joy Tribout

So… did this post inspire you to approach your bathroom details in a different way? If you need to bounce ideas or talk about outdated bathrooms and the timeless options you have, please contact me.

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